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Woodland's New Traffic Pattern

Traffic Map



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Traffic Pattern


Drop-Off/Pick-Up:  Students may arrive between 7:45 - 8:14 AM.   Our official school start time is 8:15 AM.   As such, students must be within their assigned classrooms by 8:15 AM.  Students arriving between 7:45 - 8:05 AM may enjoy breakfast in our café.  If a student is not eating breakfast:  kindergarten – second-grade students will report to the forum, while third, fourth, and fifth-grade students will report to the gym. If you choose, you may wait with your child in the main foyer. Please do not proceed to classrooms before using our guest check-in computer system located in the main office or Educare hallway.   Please note that our classroom teachers are not on duty until 8:00 AM.  


  • Morning Car Line Drop-off:  on our GYM side only = 7:45 - 8:14 AM
  • Please enter on our Jonesborough side entrance and follow the traffic signs to our gym side drop-off.
    • *This is the opposite flow of traffic vs. our previous car line.  *See our traffic flow diagram below.
  • *Please travel slowly at all times.
  • Our new traffic flow will also exit on the Jonesborough side.
  • Only BUSES will proceed through our front zone between 7:30 - 8:14 AM & 2:30 - 3:30 PM.


Dismissal for our afternoon car line is 3:15 PM ~ also at our gym side entrance.   Our car line will begin on the Jonesborough side of our campus and will circle behind our school to the gym side doors = the same traffic flow as our morning drop-off.   When our car line begins to move, our teacher leader will identify you, and will call your child/children’s name into our Woodland radio system.  In turn, we will release your child/children safely to your vehicle with the assistance of our teachers who will be positioned alongside the gym side of our building.



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